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Home Remedies

Here are a few helpful remedies that can lead to healthier living, and that you can perform at home in your daily routine.

Liver-gall Bladder Flush Program

The liver flush program will take approximately 1 Day to complete.

Morning: Eat a healthy breakfast, juices, no dairy products, simple uncooked foods, fruit & vegetables are preferred. You need your liver full of bile, so it can build up pressure to push and cleanse these small deposits of stones and pieces of chaff out with the on rush of bile! If you consume animal products or oil, your liver will send bile to the intestines to aid digestion. This will leave you with less volume and thus less stones will be passed.

Lunch: Again eat a healthy lunch, fruit & vegetables are recommended. After your 1pm meal, mix 2 tablespoons about 40 Grams of Epsom salts, [magnesium sulphate, USP.] which can be obtained from most chemists, into 1 pint of water. Add a plain Vitamin C capsule 500 mg ground up into the water solution.

First Dosage at 2pm: At this time go ahead and consume a ¼ glass of your Epsom salt solution. You will want to chase this down with a glass of water either during or after because Epsom salts has an objective taste. Relax any way you chose the more relaxed the better the results.

Second Dosage at 4pm: Take the second dose of Epsom salts solution ¼ of a glass.

Third Dosage at 6pm: Take another ¼ glass dose of Epsom salts solution

Final Preparation: At around 8pm squeeze the juice of a large pink grapefruit into a large glass, mix in ½ a glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, add 2 Cloves of Garlic a piece of Ginger and a knife point of Cayenne Pepper, mix everything in to a blender for 1 minute.

Swallow your olive mix – the flush begins. It is the olive mix that causes the liver to begin to release a flood of stones and parasites out of the liver. As soon as you down the olive mix, lay down and just try to relax. Over the next 30 minutes you may have one or more bowel movements. In your next urination you may actually feel tiny stones coming out through the Urethra. By about 9pm your liver flush should be pretty much over, try to relax and have a good nights sleep.

The next morning: You will awake and start to have bowel movements, try to take your fourth ¼ glass and last of Epsom salts solution at around 6am.

After this Dosage of Epsom salts solution you may have more Bowel movments, and this is the end of the Liver Flush Program.

Schedule Subsequent Flushings. The entire process of Liver/Colon cleansing should be repeated twice a year.

What are the Benefits of Epsom Salt?

The effects of bathing in Epsom Salts are threefold.

1. It acts as a muscle relaxant. This affects not only the striated skeletal muscles but also the smooth muscles of the vascular system thus dilating the blood vessels and improving the circulation of nutrients to body tissues. This action also assists in the drainage of metabolic wastes. In the case of injury or chronic inflammatory condition this improvement of nutrient delivery and waste drainage prevents an excessive accumulation of inflammatory agents thereby reducing pain and promoting the body’s natural healing and repair process.

2. The body uses part of the salts to bind toxins to in order to evacuate them more efficiently.

3. It acts as an acetylcholine inhibitor blocking the transmission of abnormal afferent and efferent neural traffic. Thus it is able to dampen down nerves that have become agitated and have a far reaching effect on the operation of the nervous system.

Because of its deep therapeutic benefits it is recommended by Sports, Massage and Manipulative Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Bowen Therapists Kinesiologists and physiotherapists. When combined with these kinds of treatments its effects are enhanced to produce deeper longer lasting results. I recommend this adjunct to treatment to most of my patients and have witnessed its consistently positive effects first hand! No therapist should be without this tool in their treatment arsenal.

Just place between 500G and 1kg in a bath of hot water and bathe for above 20 mins (the longer the better)

Why do we need it?

Magnesium is essential for normal neuromuscular activity, synaptic transmission, and myocardial functioning and it is deficient in most western people being the root cause of many problems.

In its natural state Epsom salt also has an affinity for carbon. All the toxins produced by the body are based on this (eg. Lactic acid Uric acid Carbonic acid). When we bathe in it this acts to draw all the toxins out of the body allowing the body's natural systems to function without being swamped in metabolic debris.

What conditions are helped by it?

The list of conditions helped by EPSOM SALTS (magnesium sulphate) is very long. It includes preeclampsia, autism, prolapse, arthritis, rheumatism, high blood pressure, migraine, irregular heartbeat, diabetes, depression, fibromyalgia, gout and many other's either caused or aggravated by a lack of magnesium.

I came across Epsom salts looking for something to ease my own condition.

As a sufferer of M.E. (chronic fatigue syndrome) for 10 years I have experienced continuous muscle pain.

The use of Epsom salts along with the treatment methods used at my clinic have combined wonderfully to help me overcome the debilitating effects of the illness, my tight, stiff, cramped, sore legs and back are now relaxed and comfortable and my body is able to comfortably withstand the rigours of a physically and mentally demanding profession.

It is not possible to give a stronger recommendation than this.

8 Important Ways to Protect your Kidneys

1. WATER, WATER, WATER! Drink more of it – at least 2 litres every day. That’s about 8 glasses. Nothing else is as important to the health of your kidneys.

2. BAN SOFT DRINKS from your diet. Lots of soft drinks are loaded with both caffeine and sugar. Sugar dehydrates your body and also causes the pancreas to release more insulin; this can cause stress on your heart.

3. DITCH THE CAFFEINE AND ALCOHOL! Both are strong diuretics. Every cup of coffee you drink robs your body of 3 cups of water. By drinking lots of coffee, you are keeping your body in a permanently dehydrated state.

4. EAT YOUR GREENS! And lots of them! Meat, cheese and processed foods are acid-forming – leading to acid waste build-up in the kidneys. Greens alkalize the body and cleanse accumulated waste.

5. WORK UP A SWEAT! Sweating is a super way to eliminate toxins through you skin, lightening the burden on your lungs, colon and kidneys.

6. SQUEEZE A LEMON! Lemon juice is a powerful natural cleansing tonic. Squeeze a lemon and mix with warm water for a breakfast drink every day.

7. GET MOVING! Exercise stimulates the lymph system which helps you detox and eases the work load of the kidneys. Aim for at least 20 minutes a day.

8. CUT DOWN ON PAINKILLERS! Painkillers put huge stress on the liver and kidneys. See if you can cut down on these – and substitute natural remedies.

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