Advanced Medical Massage

Traditional Thai Massage By Ian Sinicki of Huddersfield

Frozen Shoulder Accelerated Healing Program

The technique is very safe and effective. Frozen Shoulder Syndrome 'FSS' is an extremely painful condition, characterized by pain and stiffness of the shoulder, it can last an average of 18 months.

An interesting technique that I have learned in Thailand involves deep massage pressure to muscles, tissues, tendons around the stiffened shoulder joint this has a remarkable effect on healing the frozen shoulder syndrome.

Frozen Shoulder Frozen Shoulder Frozen Shoulder

First and second treatments can be quite painful, a blend of special Thai oils are used to help the release of tissues that have built up. 4 - 8 treatments are required. Benefits of treatment - ease of movements, release of pressure in the joint balance in the shoulder. An exercise program is given to all clients whom wish to do self help.

Benefits of Treatments

  • Reduces pain
  • Relaxes the shoulder
  • Creates easier movement
  • Aids faster recovery
  • Increases flexibility
  • Rebalances the shoulder
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