Advanced Medical Massage

Traditional Thai Massage By Ian Sinicki of Huddersfield


Here are a few comments from some of our happy clients over the years.

Jayne Thorpe, Wakefield

I initially came to see Ian about 9 years ago for a massage after a car crash with shoulder/ neck injury and pain. I was pleasantly surprised to find he was able to help me to feel a relief from the pain in a short amount of time and was very knowledgable and helpful in suggesting exercises that would help during my rehabilitation. I always found him a very professional, caring and knowledgable masseur who cared about restoring me to physical health. After I recovered from that injury I have been going back for more treatments over the years.

2 years ago I had serious problems with limited use of my fingers and hands, neck and arm pain and numbness / nerve shocks running down the arm from over working already weak areas. Similar to carpul tunnel symptoms. I found a massage with Ian every week really helped to reduce the pain and made it possible for me to undue the damage I had done. This was a long process but now I am much better and very grateful for his patience and persistence supporting me during the process.

I recommend him to everyone I meet as I have yet to find anyone else who is able to help me in the same way. I have been a customer on and off for 9 years so they are definitely doing a good job. Give Ian a try and judge from your own experience.

Paul Tebbs, Huddersfield

I would just like to thank you for all your help.

After 8 years of pain with my shoulder from a work injury and after having many massages, physiotherapy at the Hospital and a cortisone injection I now, after a few visits to you, have what appears to be full relief from pain. I am sleeping at night without pain and most importantly getting up in the morning without pain. This is the first time in at least 8 years that I am free from pain, I am over the moon and cannot thank you enough.

Dr Raja

Ian is a hidden gem in Huddersfield. He is very skilful in massage and thoroughly professional.

Having tried many therapists for my muscle aches, one visit to Ian made me into a new man! I felt rejuvenated and energised.

Ian has a good knowledge of the muscle groups and relevant anatomy ensuring his therapies do not cause any damage. I have referred many people to Ian who have been delighted with the service.

Diane Halford

I first started going to Ian about 3 months ago with Chronic Back pain and very tight aching legs.  Since the treatment my back has improved so much and I have a lot more movement and far less pain. I am so pleased with the results. We are now working on my legs  and after years of pain they are also gradually improving. Many thanks for all your help.

Denis Riley

Having suffered from Arthritis in my Ankles for some time, I started Massage and heat treatment with Mr Ian Sinicki and after 3 months of weekly treatments my Ankles were free from pain.  I am 82 years old and I have had a triple Heart by pass operation 2 years ago.  I go to the Gym twice a week and have regular Massage and heat treatments I am now doing fine with a little help from Ian.

Jo Alex

Please try Thai Massage by Ian Sinicki. My name is Jo Alex and I have been having Traditional Thai Massage with Ian for some time now and I would recommend that this kind of treatment should be tried by all who do have Back Neck & Shoulder problems and also any other aches and pains within the Body. Well worth a try and good results will come if continued for a period of time.

Gordon Booth, Longwood Harriers A.C

I first visited Ian when a partial tendon tear at the top of the Soleus in my right calf failed to respond to other treatments. I’d had sessions with a Sports Physio, been given acupuncture and was referred to Huddersfield School of Podiatry who produced some custom built orthotics, all to no avail. As a last resort I visited Ian and after some deep massage which, I’ll admit, was a bit painful, he successfully got rid of the big knot of scar tissue that had been preventing me from running. Very shortly I was back training and racing again.

Two years later, and three weeks before an important ten mile race around Derwentwater, I suffered a painful hamstring injury when I tripped over a tree root while out training. Needing to have something done quickly I went straight to Ian (though he doesn’t profess to be a Sports Physio) and after five sessions was able to run again free of pain. On limited training I ran my race in a cracking time and came away with first prize in the veteran’s category.

Ian is not only a very good masseur, he's a wizard, he'll make you believe in magic!

Philippa Coultish

Hi Ian I would just like to say that I have just had my best 3 weeks of pain free Back and Hip as I have ever had in the last 3 years. Many Thanks and please keep up the good work.    Philippa

Derrick Gledhill

Hello my name is Derrick Gledhill and I am 81 years old and I would just like to say that I have been visiting Ian every 2 weeks for the last 5 years and I can honestly say to Ian Sinicki is the best Masseur that I have ever visited. Ian very best wishes and please keep me going for another 5 years.

Mustafa Refeque

I went to visit Ian with a very bad pain in my shoulder, I had seen lots of Physios before and they had not really been able to help me with my pain, Ian was recommended to me by another friend of mine so I took this advice and booked a treatment. Ian worked on the Muscles around my neck and shoulder with a very deep penetrating massage he also used Heat Treatment which felt wonderful, the massage was very penetrating and I could feel an ease right away. I had 3 treatments altogether and my pain went away. The best part of the treatment for me was the Big Thumper that he used it was very powerful indeed.

Anonymous, Shoulder pains

After suffering for 2 years with chronic shoulder pains I took my friends advice and went to see Ian. We talked in depth about my shoulder pains and Ian started to do some manipulations in his special chair. The pain was quite deep but very comforting he worked on my shoulder and upper back and I could feel heat coming out from the areas that had been worked on. After the first treatment it felt much easier and about 50% of the pain had gone. The next few days my shoulder was sore but it did feel much better. On the second treatment most of the pain had gone I had more movement and I felt really good. Thanks to Ian my 2 year shoulder pains have gone in two weeks.

Anonymous, Tennis Elbow

I have had this kind of pain for about a year on and off it always starts when I start to play tennis so I call it tennis elbow. I went to see Ian at The Healing hands Clinic at Moldgreen. He examined my arm and started to do some manipulation it was painful but within no time I could feel my fingers tingling. The following day I had much more movement in my arm and it did feel a lot better. I had one more treatment a week after and now six months on I have had no other elbow pains. Thank you Ian.

Anonymous, Whip lash injuries

12 months ago I was involved in a car accident which left me with a very painful neck condition my doctor recommended that I should see a Massage therapist and see if a course of massage would help, I took his advise and went to see Ian. Ian used a massage chair that really supported my head and neck he also used some special oils that he gets from Thailand. These oils when applied to my neck felt so warm and made my muscles relax. Ian said that the oil would help to release the tension in my neck and make the gentle manipulation quite comfortable and this was very true I could hardly feel any discomfort while he was working on my neck.

I had three lots of massage treatment and now I have full movement without any pain or discomfort. If you are having these pains' Ian is the man to see:

Anonymous, ChronicKnee Pains

Being a builder I find I spend more time on my knees than standing thus giving me a very painful knee condition that has left me unfit for work many times that's until I was introduced to Ian Sinicki. Ian first of all examined my knees and started a course of Heat Treatment and massage manipulation, he used a special lamp called a Bio Mineral Lamp. He told me that this lamp emits 33 different healing minerals that are able to be absorbed by the muscles and joints and that they in turn can release toxins and uric acid deposits from these areas. I sat back and let Ian do the work, the heat from the lamp really did make my joints feel easier and the massage was very deep but made such a difference to what I had been used to. I have had several treatments from Ian over the last year and I am proud to say that I haven't had to take any time off for Chronic Knee Pains

Anonymous, Back Pain

Very painful lower back. I went to see Ian at Healing Hands in Moldgreen he had been recommended by a friend whom had been having similar symptoms to me. On arrival I was welcomed by David Taylor the proprietor of Healing Hands and then introduced to Ian, I was taken in to a nice treatment room on the second floor of the centre. It felt very warm and welcoming, Ian took some notes then started to do some wonderful relaxing massage the back pains felt much better already. Then he started to work some stretching movements on my legs I heard a soft Crack and felt a gentle pop and almost instantly the pains that I had been having seemed to go. I don't know what Ian did to me but it really did work.

Anonymous, Foot Pain

I went to the Gym where Ian works with foot and Ankle pains. He did some Reflexology and very deep massage to my foot and the day after it was so much better. Wishing you the all the very best for the future.